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Archiving a Post and Disabling Comments

The following are some additional options you have when it comes to managing your posts:. Archiving the post: Removes the post from your post page and disables all interaction with the post. Disablin…

Benjamin Staton
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Creating a Post

Get started in HuddleUp by creating your first post!. To create a post in HuddleUp, follow these simple steps: Click on Posts in the side bar to the left of the screen. Click on the blue plus symbol…

Benjamin Staton
Updated 5 days ago by Benjamin Staton

How to Send a HuddleUp Post to People in a TrainedUp Course

You can now send a HuddleUp post to any or all of the people in one of your TrainedUp courses. You'll need both a TrainedUp and HuddleUp account. It's very simple. Go to the course page and scroll do…

Scott Magdalein
Updated 4 months ago by Scott Magdalein

Managing a Post

There are 3 ways for Leaders to manage posts in HuddleUp:. Seeing and managing comments. Adding or removing a person from a post. Editing a post. Managing Comments:. You can see the comments and peop…

Elizabeth Smith
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Post Notifications

When you send a post, your users will receive a notification immediately through the medium you selected when you published the post, however, there are a few additional things you should know: If yo…

Elizabeth Smith
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Reminding Users of a Post

Sometimes people need a reminder... If you are wanting to remind your users of a post you created to engage further conversation or participation in the post, you can simply add a comment to the post…

Aimee Scott
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