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We have made it easy to access your account by using a feature called Smart Links.

You and your team can access your account by going to https://app.servehq.church/login or by going to your ministry's ServeHQ URL (ex: https://app.servehq.church/YOURCHURCH) and pressing the Sign In button under the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen. From either place, simply enter the email associated with the account. This will send a Smart Link to your email that you can click to automatically sign you into your HuddleUp account. No passwords necessary. Just a single click from an email. This link will also remember your computer and keep you signed in for up to one year. If you access HuddleUp from a new device or sign out of your account, you'll simply need to request a new smart link by going to https://app.servehq.church/login or your ministry's ServeHQ URL.

If you do not see the link after a few minutes of being sent, be sure and check your junk folder. Sometimes the email lands in there based on individual email preferences or permissions. 

Your team members have one additional method of signing in to their Huddle Up account. When a post is sent through an email or text, it will include a link that will automatically sign them into their HuddleUp account. If they lose this link, or it passes the one month expiration date, they can always request a new smart link like normal by going to https://app.servehq.church/login or your ministry's ServeHQ URL.

Why are there no passwords? 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you and your team to access your ServeHQ account! Because of that, we made HuddleUp fully password-free, so that engaging with posts is easier than ever for you and your members! You no longer have to spend time resetting team member's user names or passwords. They just click a link and they're in! You can even request a login link for them, by going to https://app.servehq.church/login and putting in their email. It's easy, quick and secure!

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