Multileader features for our Multisite Plan

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There are a few features built specifically with Multi-site organizations in mind that can help you organize and build your TrainedUp account.

Please note that our Multi-leader features are only available on Multi-site plans.
Multi-leader Feature

Multi-leader functionality allows you to have multiple leaders over a single training course with a built in reporting feature that filters course completion emails to the correct leader for that user's designated campus. For example, completion emails for users assigned to the North Campus will be filtered to the leader also assigned to the North Campus. Completion emails for users assigned to the south Campus will go to the leader for the South Campus, and so on.

Campus Filtering

To reduce confusion and save time, your leaders assigned to a campus are only able to see users in their own campus. When they look at a specific course, the reporting tab, or the people tab they will only see people and numbers representing the users assigned to their campus.

A few additional features that can help Multi-site organizations: 

1. The ability to filter by Campus (or Group)

2. The ability to attach training courses specifically to a Campus.

3. The ability to build out training Tracks for specific Groups to help with automated training.

4. Each Campus has a specific Campus portal to display training at that location, people at that Campus and the ministry leaders as well.

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