Creating Tracks

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Tracks introduce powerful automation into your ministry training toolbox. Instead of enrolling your team members manually into a ton of courses at once or enrolling them in course after course once they’ve completed them, Tracks allow you to automatically enroll your people in a series of courses without any work.

Tracks are only available on our Standard plan and up

Here's how they work:

When you create a Track, you can add several courses in a sequence regarding a certain topic of your choosing. 

You can either manually add people to a Track or you can configure TrainedUp to automatically enroll them in a Track based on a Group that they belong to. (Click HERE to learn more about Groups.) It’s powerful and saves you even more time.

Creating a Track:

To create a track follow the steps below:

  1. From your Courses page, select Edit Tracks.
  2. Click Add Track.
  3. Enter the Track Name, Courses, and Group (If desired) into the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Create Track.
If you add a Group to your track, it will add an auto-enroll feature for your Team Members. See the section below for more details. You can see an overview of this feature below.

Adding People to a Track:

You can add people to a track by adding them manually or by auto-enrolling them through their assigned Group.

Manually adding Team Members:

  1. From your Courses page, select Edit Tracks.
  2. Go to the Track you want to add people to and click on the ellipsis (three dots) next to it.
  3. Click View Track.
  4. Click the green Enroll button and enroll all desired Team Members.

Auto-enrolling Team Members through their assigned Group:

  1. Create a Track, and make sure you assign it a Group.
  2. Assign all desired people to the same Group as the Track.
The auto-enroll feature only works moving forward in the system. It will not go back and add Team Members to a Track if they are already assigned to that Group. It only works for Team Members added to the Group AFTER the Track has been created. Click HERE to see how to assign your people to a Group.

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