Why can admins see all chat messages and post comments?

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Part of our purpose in building HuddleUp isn't just to build another communication tool that works exactly like other tools. Ministries have unique needs and we’ve designed HuddleUp to meet them.

One of those unique needs is safety and accountability in digital communication. It has been shown that about 40% of pastors have engaged in an affair while being in ministry and that roughly 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before turning 18. While we know that communication tools don’t hold all of the blame, they have made it far too easy for inappropriate conversations to happen between pastors and lay people or between adult leaders and students due to no built-in accountability.

For a long time, many churches have kept restrictive communication policies in an effort to safeguard the church. Usually, these policies simply forbid direct communication between ministry leaders and members of the opposite sex and minors.

While we can certainly understand the heart behind these policies, we believe that forbidding communication altogether hinders ministry effectiveness. The solution isn't to stop communicating. The solution is a better tool that makes it safe for everyone to communicate without worrying about age or gender.

That's why HuddleUp allows some account admins to see all chat messages and post comments forever. Admins who have been given this specific permission are able to search, access, read, and participate in all chats and posts.

Our hope is that open and safe communication with HuddleUp helps your ministry to be more efficient and effective.

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