The Difference Between Listed and Unlisted Courses

Aimee Scott Updated by Aimee Scott

The difference between Listed and Unlisted courses is a matter of who can see the courses and who cannot. 

  • Listed courses are courses that all your people will be able to see and enroll themselves in at any times in their All Courses view.
  • Unlisted courses are courses that your people can only see if you enroll them in the course or you directly send the course link to them. It will not appear in their All Courses view unless the user is enrolled in it, has the "manage other courses" permission, or is the leader over that course.
  • You can change the Listed or Unlisted course option, by clicking on a course and toggling the course type in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
    You can see the difference between Listed and Unlisted below:

You can read more about user permissions HERE.

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