Editing Your Account Information

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To edit your Leader Profile:

1. Go to your account URL and click on your name in the side bar on the left.

2. Edit the settings you wish to change.

3. Click Save Settings to save your changes.

As a Leader, you may be able to change the following information depending on the Leader Permissions on your account. To read more about certain features like Groups or our Planning Center integration, just click the link below the category:

All Leaders can change:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone number
  4. Time Zone
  5. Notifications Settings
  6. Logo for your account
  7. Avatar (Click HERE for more information on Changing your Avatar)
  8. Group and Campus (Click HERE for more information on Groups and Campuses)

Leaders with billing permissions can:

  1. Change your current plan
    To learn more about changing your current plan click HERE.
  2. Update billing information
    To learn more about updating billing: HERE.
  3. Integrate with Planning Center for people
    To learn more about our PCO integration click HERE.
  4. Request tokens for our Open API feature
    To learn about our Open API click HERE.

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